we are now here and nowhere


Ethan Teo
Age 12
Medical condition Nephrotic Syndrome

Farah Nabilah
Age 17
Medical condition End Stage Renal Failure

Mentor Sophia Ong (profile here)

Medium Mixed media, installation

We Are Now Here And Nowhere
“We know where we're going
But we don’t know where we have been
We know what we’re knowing
But we can’t say what we’ve seen
We’re not little children
And we know what we want
And the future is certain
Give us time to work it out”
We are nowhere and it’s now
What do we do
When the lights go out?
We Are Now Here & Nowhere is a collection of stories, experiences, laughter, hopes and dreams shared among the artists Farah, Ethan and Soph. The weekly sessions were driven around friendships, experiments shifting and blurring the lines of art, crafts and life. Driven by the ideology of maps, the outcome is a reflection of these individual lives and narratives bonding, intertwining and creating a bond that lives in our memory and heart.