#Artist MentorS Profiles

In alphabetical order


Ho Wai Kit established A Whispering Campaign (AWC) in 2015 as a moniker for creative collaborations. Formally trained as an architect, Wai Kit’s endeavours under AWC ranges from illustration, installation, large-scale mural works, photography, industrial and interior architectural design, film scoring to creative writing. AWC’s body of work in their inception, explores the potentials and possibilities of creative partnership between different disciplines, in their production, explores the relationship between images and the conception of meaning and in their reception, explores the dependency of creatives and their audiences.



Mary Bernadette LEE

Mary is based as an artist and illustrator in Singapore. Her practice is a phenomenological approach to understanding the relationship between exterior topography of body, architecture and place, and the interior tapestry of psychological states. This relational dialectics between the physiological and the psychological is expressed through paintings that foreground the architecture of her identity as a person and an artist.

Her works thrives on the spontaneity of individual autonomy in art making. She works mainly with traditional mediums such as graphite, acrylic, ink and clay. She believes Art should be accessible and as such, uses Art as a medium to work with children and the underprivileged people of Singapore to encourage expression and creation.

Mary graduated from the National University of Singapore with a BA in English Literature and Communications & New Media in 2006. She also graduated from Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design and Media in 2014 with a BFA (Hons) in Visual Communication.

Samantha Lo

SKL0 is an artist currently based in Singapore who specializes in installations but constantly strives to hone her skills- be it old or new, by working with a wide array of various mediums, to name a few: sculpting, watercolor, wheat paste and spray paint.

Her work is heavily inspired by daily observations and research on the sociopolitical climate, from which she executes through visual commentary comprising of text and imagery. She starts with a mere question or an observation that quickly turns into an obsession, churning out strings of observatory thoughts that are then processed into deductions fueled by curiosity. In order to trigger responses, she breaks down her research into sections of field research which includes a series of interview questions and surveys directed to the masses. When asked about the conclusion of her research, she states that it all boils down to questions asked to herself, but are targeted at the public in order to generate critical thinking with regard to important issues in order to prove interdependency within the societal structure we inhabit. By doing so, she tries to bring the human touch back in small ways.

The end results birth new meanings, lent to existing situations by incorporating ideas, messages and emotions with familiar visual codes into urban situations in hopes of creating experiences and to invoke critical thought on the viewer’s everyday life.
With a strong desire to discover, learn and evolve beyond, she seeks to create concepts and visual pieces that are meaningful to herself, the community and the environment in which her work is encompassed by.

And all this while, SKL0 has been that voice for Sam Lo, who’s really been doing all the work all along. Sam is also founder of the collaborative platform INDIGOISM, founder of the now defunctSingaporean platform RCGNTN and member of urban art collective RSCLS.

NOOR Iskandar

Noor Iskandar is an award winning, multidisciplinary artist based in Singapore. He graduated from NTU School of Art, Design and Media with an honours BFA in Photography and Digital Imaging. He is now pursuing his Masters in Arts (Research) degree in NTU ADM. His works have been exhibited both in Singapore as well as the international arena including London, Valencia, Pingyao, Belfast and Bandung.

In 2013, Noor was chosen as one of the ten emerging voices from around the globe to be part of the World Islamic Economic Forum's Marketplace of Creative Arts inaugural fellowship programme. Later that year, he showcased alongside budding artists at the Ion Art Young Talent Programme as part of the 2013 Affordable Art Fair, and went on to win the solo showcase to be held in 2014 at ION Art Gallery. In May 2014, Noor was awarded the prestigious Kwek Leng Joo Prize of Excellence in Still Photography 2014.
Noor sees art as a spiritual investigation in line with his ardour for poetry and emotional gravity, while the undercurrents of his works reflecting these bouts of lyrical balladry. He is passionate in delving into the blurring of beauty and truth in today’s newly formed realities and prejudices. In dealing with contentious issues, he mediates deep introspection; seeking solace through convoluted crises.

Sophia ong

Soph O is a Singaporean artist who collects and draws imagery that borders between the extraordinary and ordinary. Her practise revolves around the notion of repetition, reiteration and recurrence through drawing, painting, digital illustration, sculpture and mural.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Elam School of Fine Arts, New Zealand in 2010 and has painted and exhibited in Singapore, Spain, Belgium, Mexico and New Zealand. Traces of her work were found in Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Shanghai, Beijing, Dublin, London, France, Austria, Holland and Australia.

calvin pang

Having graduated with diplomas in both industrial and furniture design, Pang's penchant for statement-making eventually led him to complete his BA (Hons) Fine Art with Loughborough University (UK). His work resembles a journal of his encounters with cities, people and objects narrated across different mediums and contexts. The immediate environment, both material and immaterial, more often than not serve as a direct influence to his creative processes.

Seeking to bridge the distance with his audience, his work discusses the notion of familiarity, which manifests itself through the choice of medium that he uses or the subjects he choose to address. Tactility being another important aspect of Pang's art practice sees the act of making work as his attempt to grow more intimate with the physical environment. He also holds on to a personal belief that art is both a containment space for emotions and a blank canvas for thoughts to manifest.
He is presently doing his postgraduate studies in Art Therapy at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.

Edwin tan

Edwin Tan is the founder and creative director of Bravo which specialises in brand creation. Since independence, his team has created many memorable branding projects which have been loved and featured in many international design publications and websites. These include the landmark Five & Dime Eatery, Singapore’s food ambassador Violet Oon’s Kitchen and The Chain Reaction Project which has become case study for design for non-profit organisations.

In his 10 year career which started at Asylum Creative, he has won numerous international awards from One Show, Art Directors Club, Communication Arts, as well as the local Creative Circle Awards and Asia Interactive Awards. In 2013, he was named one of 40 under 40 roster of rising talents by Perspective Magazine. Active in education, he is often requested as a guest lecturer and external assessor for design students. He is currently an executive committee of The Design Society.

tan Jia Hui

Tan Jia hui is the founder of multi-disciplinary creative agency, Fable. With experience in established advertising, design and architectural studios, he is educated in Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Communications (Hons).
Having received various scholarships to represent Singapore for conferences and workshops in countries like Taiwan and Austria, he expands his horizon frequently by traveling to understand diverse societies and people.

Various works have been featured in Singapore Design Week, The Straits Times, It’s Nice That, Visual Journal, BP&O, The Business Times, For Print Only, American Institute of Graphic Arts, Mediacorp, Sandu Publishing, and more. Fable was recently awarded at the prestigious British Design & Art Direction Awards.

Dan Teo

Dan is an avid arts lover, collector and seasoned advertising creative director. He began his career in advertising after graduating from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1988 and established Nest Communications, a creative agency that specialises in branding, design and visual identity, in 1998.

As an arts enthusiast, he believes art is a powerful communication tool that moves people. Since young, he has participated in many arts events, activities and competitions. Being a passionate arts collector, he has a special love for artefacts and documents related to the history of Singapore. He had been invited for a “live” telecast interview for his unique collection of “Wedding Certificates”. As Singapore celebrated its jubilee year in 2015, he earned public recognition for his passion when he was featured in the main daily publications Lianhe Zaobao and The Straits Times, for his private and exclusive Singapore heritage collection. He also contributed to the exhibition organized by Singapore School & Private Hire Bus Owners' Association, ‘A ride through the years’.

In 2016, he continues to share his knowledge and his private collection of Singapore’s historical memorabilia from the Japanese WWII occupation with the ‘Memories at Old Ford Factory’ which will re-open in 2017.

Throughout all these years, his passion for all things art and historical served as inspiration for his life as well as contributes and plays an important role in many of his creative works.

Shawn yeo

After 8 years as the co-founder of 19Blossom Design, Shawn found himself becoming increasingly dissatisfied with what he was doing. Hence in less than a year ago, Shawn started Seed and Soil Singapore, a takeaway concept store selling cold-pressed juices and dairy-free and sugar-free fruit smoothies. He is involved in the branding and design collaterals, as well as the social media marketing for a brand that he truly believe in, a true passion to share the experience of nourishing our body. Seed and Soil believes in eating in a way Mother Nature intended us to – food in its most natural state – and aims to make healthy food accessible and affordable because they understand that busy schedules can make healthy eating a challenge. When he isn’t busy juicing away, Shawn teaches design modules at polytechnics and loves inspiring young designers.