by Benjamin Png

Finally! It has been a really nerve-wrecking but exciting past few months leading up to this publication and I must take my hat off to the Dreamcatchers and to Kar Wai who have been making great things happen. The first question that must be going through your mind now would be what does the title of the newsletter mean? It is basically one part of our tag-line – I Have a Chronic Illness, So Wad? And “So Wad?” is the first newsletter of its kind, written and contributed entirely by the patients. And this tri-annual newsletter has big plans!


by Sun Qiaochu

This poem was edited from what my friend once wrote about his boring holidays. Its what I feel about my future ever since I fell sick. Life seemed like a deep dark hole, which lay before me. I’m actually quite dubious bout it sometimes. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not emo. Haha. =D