Project Dreamcatchers 2013

For two and a half months, 21 patients from the National University Hospital’s Project Dreamcatchers got together with two medical social workers and seven art mentors led by NUH art therapist Loo Hwee Hwee.

In a race against time amid logistical issues, it was a frenzy to the 11th hour as patients, many of them with mobility issues, made their way to the hospital weekly for their Sunday art sessions.

Some came with bouts of nervousness, others with creative blocks dealing with the stress of having to showcase their work to the public. But with the mentors and instructors instilling confidence within the group, the sessions became more animated with laughter and smiles as ideas, goals and discussions began to flow.

And right up to the last hour amid the chaos of getting the artworks framed, pieces installed and the programme guide printed concurrently, the patients did themselves proud, completing what may be to us an art exhibition but to them, another achievement in their difficult lives that they will never forget.