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Project Dreamcatchers 2015

Everyone has a story to tell  

Some stories are punctuated with happiness and positivity, some with adventure and drama, and some with sadness and strife. One thing's for sure, getting to know people who are chronically ill is akin to embarking on a journey of personal discovery.

You realise how fortunate you are and what a small world we can choose to live in instead of being an open society; being accepting of people who are physically/ medically challenged, recognising them for their strengths instead of their weaknesses.

In this year’s Project Dreamcatchers, we aim to ‘widen the horizons’ of society through a recurring theme of ‘journey’. The project culminates in an art exhibition which we like to call “Take Me Places”. Visitors to the exhibition will be taken on a curated journey through the lives of the dreamcatchers. Each piece of work is an expression and a reflection of the artists themselves, depicting nuances in their daily struggles and triumphs in life.

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Project Dreamcatchers 2014

  • SMU De Suantio Gallery (Level 1) (map)
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Admission is free.

Admission is free.

Our yearly photography exhibition by the youths of Dreamcatchers, National University Hospital's Adolescent Chronic Illness Peer Group, in collaboration with Photovoice SG. The exhibition will feature photography in a mix of installations with the aim to convey the message that childhood chronic illnesses are not disabling.

This year, thanks to the kind support of the Singapore Management University, the exhibition will be held at the beautiful SMU De Suantio Gallery in their School of Economics and Social Sciences. The exhibition is powered by National Youth Council. 

Come join us on this journey of dream, hope and inspiration.


Important Details:

Exhibition run: Till 10/8/2014 (Sun)
Gallery opens from 11am to 8pm

**Exhibition closes at 3pm on 10/8.



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Project Dreamcatchers 2013

For two and a half months, 21 patients from the National University Hospital’s Project Dreamcatchers got together with two medical social workers and seven art mentors led by NUH art therapist Loo Hwee Hwee.

In a race against time amid logistical issues, it was a frenzy to the 11th hour as patients, many of them with mobility issues, made their way to the hospital weekly for their Sunday art sessions.

Some came with bouts of nervousness, others with creative blocks dealing with the stress of having to showcase their work to the public. But with the mentors and instructors instilling confidence within the group, the sessions became more animated with laughter and smiles as ideas, goals and discussions began to flow.

And right up to the last hour amid the chaos of getting the artworks framed, pieces installed and the programme guide printed concurrently, the patients did themselves proud, completing what may be to us an art exhibition but to them, another achievement in their difficult lives that they will never forget.

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Project Dreamcatchers 2012

13 Dreamcatchers undertook the challenge to champion the cause that "childhood chronic illnesses are not disabling" in the inaugural launch of Project Dreamcatchers in 2012. Under the mentorship of A/Prof Michael Tan and Loo Hwee Hwee, the artists explored with a variety of multimedia. Through a mix of artworks, some of which utilised medical items among the medium of photography and painting, the youths shared a glimpse of their dreams, hopes and inspirations. The exhibition is part of SHINE Youth Festival and is powered by National Youth Council.

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